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We are always talking about the Moose Legion but just what are Moose Legionnaires and what are they all about?


The Moose Legion is made up of dedicated members of the Loyal Order Of Moose that are always looking for ways to improve the Moose Fraternity.  Moose Legionnaires take the responsibility to assure that their Lodge remains prosperous and continues to increase in membership – they assume the role as guardians of their Lodge.  Moose Legionnaires do fund raisers; and, the monies earned are used to fund various Lodge projects.  Moose Legionnaires have periodic social functions that are for Moose Legionnaires and their families only.  Part of a Moose Legionnaires’ annual dues goes to support various needed projects for our Children at Mooseheart and to helping our seniors at Moosehaven.


The Moose Legion’s “Mission” is to have “fun” while providing a greater service to The Moose Fraternity.  Their “ Goal” is to encourage all qualified Moose Members to join The Moose Legion. Their “Creed” is to do some good thing-- for someone-- each day.


To become a Moose Legionnaire, a potential member must meet the following criteria:  He must have completed six months of Moose Lodge membership or have sponsored at one member into our Great Fraternity.


There are 22 active Districts in The California Nevada Moose Association (CNMA). There are 19 Moose Legion jurisdictions covering the same area.  The Grass Valley Lodge is one of 11 Lodges in District 4 of the CNMA.  Each of these Lodges has a Moose Legion Activities Committee; and, the members of the Committee are known as “Moose Legionnaires”.  All Moose Legionnaires in our District are members of the The Mighty #190 Moose Legion.  The Grass Valley Lodge Moose Legion Activities Committee (LMLAC) meets on the third Saturday each month at 11:00 am.  If you have met the requirements to become a Moose Legionnaire, and you want to help your Lodge be successful, any member of the Grass Valley LMLAC would be happy to talk to about becoming a Moose Legionnaire.


Rick  Dandridge International Moose Legion Ambassador

Past President Sacramento Valley District 4

Past President, Mighty 190 Moose Legion

Pass Administrator, Grass Valley Moose Lodge #2217


Remember, the Grass Valley Home Moose Legion Activites Committee meets the third Saturday of each month at 11 am.  Stop by and join us.  Everyone is welcome.

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